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Choosing Intuo Hospitality's technology over traditional manual cleaning means leaving behind the time-consuming and often inconsistent practices of the past.


Our innovative solution offers rapid, efficient, consistent menu cleaning that saves valuable time and cuts operational costs, ensuring businesses like yours can focus on other essential aspects of their operations while maintaining a high level of cleanliness.

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Size Sorting

EP 50 M can sort menus of various sizes, from A5 to A3, making it easier for restaurant staff to load them quickly and efficiently. Ideal for hospitality businesses and academic settings where fast service is crucial.

Dual Cleaning Rollers 

Roller system with high-quality sanitiser to clean both sides of menus, ensuring optimal cleanliness and readiness for immediate use. Your menus will be free of harmful germs and bacteria.

Disinfectant & Perfume

The dual-cartridge system disinfects menus quickly and infuses a pleasant fragrance for a clean and inviting dining experience. It's perfect for businesses that value safety and customer satisfaction.

Quick Process

Our Menu Cleaning Machine quickly disinfects and dries restaurant menus in just 10-15 seconds, ensuring they're ready for immediate use and maintaining efficient operations.

Liquid Level Sensors

Our Menu Cleaning Machine has Liquid Level Sensors that monitor disinfectant and perfume levels in cartridges. The screen displays real-time feedback, so users always know when to refill or replace cartridges for uninterrupted cleaning and perfuming.

Challenges of Manual Menu Sanitisation

Addressing menu hygiene challenges, our automated system revolutionises restaurant cleanliness. Say goodbye to inconsistent manual sanitisation, a barrier to efficiency. Our solution streamlines cleaning, cuts operational costs and lifts hygiene standards — directly meeting modern restaurant demands.

Higher Operational Costs:


Factor in the annual costs of paying staff for manual menu cleaning, and observe the cumulative impact on your expenses.

Note: Our EP 50 Menu Cleaning Machine is a compact desktop device measuring 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm. Designed to efficiently clean menus of various sizes (A3, A4, A5) and materials (waterproof paper, plastic, laminate), this revolutionary system offers a seamless and hygienic solution for your hospitality needs.

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